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21 August 1986
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Hi there.
I'm always taking new friends, especially if you found your way here because we have something in common.
I am also flowrs4ophelia, when I'm reviewing movies or writing fanfic/essays or doing something of that nature.

the me
sara. age 23. writer. slacker. optimist. sort of deist. sort of liberal. easily amused.
the fam
mom. dad. aaron. aaron's gf julie. layla my twin. casey the dog. smokes the cat.
other people i write about a.k.a. friends
kitty. brother shep. nerd. chris. chike. megan. ashley.
the music
red hot chili peppers. iron & wine. the doors. lamb. led zeppelin. sufjan stevens. pj harvey. a perfect circle. the beatles. tori amos. nine inch nails. lots and lots of film scores.
the movies
almost famous. moulin rouge. american beauty. breakfast at tiffany's. amélie. pirates of the caribbean. brokeback mountain. the piano. donnie darko. star wars. princess mononoke. when harry met sally. crouching tiger, hidden dragon. dark city.
the text
harry potter. the black dahlia. the perks of being a wallflower. the sandman. the lord of the rings. all the king's men. his dark materials. twilight. echo. the poisonwood bible. pride and prejudice.
the tube
battlestar galactica. coupling. doctor who. cowboy bebop. queer as folk. avatar: the last airbender. arrested development. skins. seinfeld. star trek. project runway. heroes. pushing daisies. batman: the animated series. mad men.

The Cowboy Bebop Fan Test of DOOM. (Ph33r it.)

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Fantasy IS Literature

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aa batteries, adult swim, almost famous, american beauty, battlestar galactica, biscuits, bittersweet endings, brian kinney, brian/justin, british invasion bands, brokeback mountain, bsg, captain barbossa, captain jack sparrow, comics, cool jazz, coupling, cowboy bebop, cream, david tennant, deja vu, delirium, diet coke, disney animated movies, doctor who, doctor/jack/rose, donnie darko, echo, edward scissorhands, ella fitzgerald, elvish, emmett honeycutt, ewan mcgregor, existentialism, eyes, fanfiction, fanmixes, fantasy, fiction, film music, film noir, film scores, firefly, francesca lia block, frank the bunny, fred and george, gnarls barkley, god, goo goo dolls, graphic novels, happy endings, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, headphones, his dark materials, hobbits, hot pieces of ass, howard shore, hugs, inuyasha, iron and wine, jacob black, jacob/bella, james ellroy, james/lily, jazz, jeff buckley, jefferson airplane, jimi hendrix, joe hisaishi, johnny cash, johnny depp, kevin spacey, kisses, l.a. confidential, lamb, led zeppelin, lee/kara, lord of the rings, love, luna lovegood, moby, moulin rouge, music in minor, neil gaiman, nerds, new moon, obsession, opening credits, other cultures, people, peter parker, phags, philosophy, pj harvey, polka dots, pride and prejudice, primus, princess mononoke, professor snape, psychedelic rock, queer as folk, radiohead, rage against the machine, rain, red hot chili peppers, remus lupin, romance, scores, sirius black, sleepy hollow, smashing pumpkins, some like it hot, song lyrics, soundtracks, spike spiegel, spike/julia, spirited away, star wars, stephen chbosky, sufjan stevens, symbolism, t. rex, tall and skinny men, teenage mutant ninja turtles, ten/rose, the beach boys, the beastie boys, the beatles, the boondocks, the endless, the little prince, the marauders, the nightmare before christmas, the pink panther, the rolling stones, the sandman, the seatbelts, the strokes, the white album, thomas newman, tool, tori amos, twilight, vast, water lilies, wind, writing, yoko kanno,

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