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Writer's Block: Killer tomatoes

What's your favorite cult film of all time, and why? What are the essential ingredients for a cult classic?

Damn, there are so many I love. It's probably between Army of Darkness, Dark City, and Donnie Darko.

...Huh. It would seem having the word "dark" in a movie title condemns it to box office failure. Unless it has Batman in it. There's your essential ingredient.
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I dreamed that Kitty and I were in a random house getting infested with giant two-inch-long ants and we were trying to kill them by shooting at them. Like with guns.

Clearly this means I spent too much time yesterday googling the history of surgical suture, which led to me learning about how they used to let black ants bite the edges of wounds together and then twist the rest of their bodies off their heads to keep them there. And that I've been writing too many scenes involving the use of revolvers. And obviously also that I'd gladly face a giant ant apocalypse with you, Kitty.

Here's something completely unrelated for you and Nerd which I'm sure needs no explanation.

And I know I still owe you a words of two months ago...
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Delicious accounts. WTF.

Does anyone else have really random problems with their bookmark tags on Delicious getting really mixed up when you know you didn't have stuff mislabeled before?

This is getting kinda frustrating. >:(
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"No girl wants to marry a doctor who can't tell if a man's dead or not!"

Uh. Wow. I can't believe my last update was in the middle of November.

1. My holidays were nice. During Christmas dinner Layla, Aaron, Julie and I ended up monopolizing the conversation for a good seven minutes talking about the last season of Mad Men and I was kind of amused to find out Aaron and Julie both played around taking the "Which character are you?" quiz on the AMC site several times until they both got a different result from Betty. Hahaha (hey, I got Jane Sterling when I did it, that is so much worse). We played the Seinfeld trivia game I got for Mom, which was fun even though my parents tend to kind of be big babies about playing games because they're always deprecating their own knowledge or just generally complaining a lot, lol. And just Julie went with Layla and I to go see Sherlock Holmes while Aaron was at a jam session with some friends in town. Apparently he actually texted Layla while he was gone reminding her kind of heavy-handedly of our potential plans to do this because Julie can get pretty bored while visiting here. LOL.

2. I was really not crazy about Holmes the first time I saw it, but then I was somehow compelled to go see it again and had a lot more fun watching it that time, though I still maintain that it really drags in places near the end. One complaint I had was about the detailed explanations of how Holmes comes to his conclusions by being such a genius observer getting kind of tedious and unsurprising after a while, but now that I've been listening to a lot of the Conan Doyle stories on audiobook I see that those parts are actually very true to canon. Certainly even in the context of the books/stories, whenever Holmes goes into an elaborate explanation of how he could tell the stranger he just met is a former soldier and widower with children or whatever, I admit it gets old for me somehow, but it's obviously a central part of the character.

Getting more familiar with the canon, in a weird way, also makes me appreciate more the kind of differences from it the movie has, not because the changes make it superior but just because I see more how crazy and visionary a reinvention it is. So far what I've grasped of the real Sherlock Holmes is that he's a very cold, practically inhuman, and generally not likable character, with the exception of the small spark of warmth that is his friendship with Watson. I now understand a lot more why the passage I've seen somewhere from "The Three Garridebs" describing Holmes's quite emotional reaction to Watson getting shot is such a big deal and huge departure from the norm for him, and why a lot of fans find the common speculation that he and Irene Adler were actually lovers at some point to be hard to grasp. Collapse )

3. Best soundtracks of 2009 compilation.

4. ontd_startrek is helping raise money for Haiti through UNICEF, and today Zachary fucking Quinto pimped for us on his Twitter (if it was actually him and not someone he employs to tweet for him) and by the end of the day we'd raised over $9,000. As someone else put it quite well in the accompanying party post...

I mean daaamn that's awesome. In addition to donating I'm considering throwing my name in at help_haiti where people are signing up to write fic/make art for the highest bidder. Idk, I get all scurred and incompetent-feeling about writing on time limits and for specific prompts and stuff like that because it usually doesn't seem to work out well.

5. Am I crazy or can you no longer replace an icon with another icon when you upload it by originally giving it the same keywords? It doesn't seem to work or me anymore. :/

6. Totally did not write Sherlock Holmes fic. LOL. I needed to do something totally silly and stupid after the last thing I wrote was incredibly tragic and sort of left me in the dumps for a while.

7. My big whopping Twilight fic that I started in late '07 and finally finished at 120,000 words recently was very quickly re-nominated in the multi-chapter category for the sortofbeautiful awards, even though I kind of thought everyone had forgotten about it or didn't dig the very bittersweet ending or something based on the few comments I got. I am happy panda. I'm against something by kathy_rindhoops and like three things by bluesuzanne so I'm pretty sure I won't place, but whatever.

8. Layla and I had plans to go to Chicago with Shep and see Avatar in IMAX this weekend which may have fallen through now. If I miss seeing this movie while it's out I'll feel quite utterly lame.

9. Hey, New Year's Eve happened, a.k.a. my first time going to a random house party thrown by a friend of a friend where I knew absolutely nobody. Good times.

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This woman is fucking hilarious. I guess she does a lot of make-up tutorial vids (maybe I should watch some, I don't know shit about putting on make-up, lol) and in this one she randomly decided to bitch about Edward sucking.

In other news, it's the Goddamn Wolf Pack.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Wolf Pack Featurette

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

I'm now trying to imagine if Catherine "I don't know how to say 'cut' or 'let's do another take'" Hardwicke had still directed this one and her trying to handle a movie with this much action and special effects and I just think .....HAHAHAHA.

The guy who's playing Paul is really damn yummy. Just sayin.
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Day 3 for the 7 day meme: a book/fic

Everyday for the next week post the following things:
day one. a song.
day two. a picture.
day three. a book/ebook/fanfic
day four. a site
day five. a youtube clip
day six. a quote
day seven. whatever tickles your fancy

Around 3:30 a.m. a guy with a knife in his eye came in, led by Georgie.
"I hope you didn't do that to him," Nurse said.
"My wife did it," the man said. The blade was buried to the hilt in the outside corner of his left eye. It was a hunting knife kind of thing.
"Who brought you in?" Nurse said.
"Nobody. I just walked down. It's only three blocks," the man said.
Nurse peered at him. "We better get you lying down."
"Okay, I'm certainly ready for something like that," the man said.

jesus' son by denis johnson

Jesus' Son is a collection of short stories about an unnamed narrator everyone just calls Fuckhead. It's surreal and sometimes hilarious and the crazy imagery in it alone is enough to make it an entertaining read.

There's a decent indie movie adaptation with Billy Crudup (and Jack Black being incredibly funny in a small role), which works surprisingly well considering how little they change from a book that has so much of its strength in the narrative voice that you'd think it wouldn't translate well to film.